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The mortgage is often the most critical part of buying a house. Most of us are not in a position to purchase a home with cash, and even if we are, sometimes it is still better to utilize a mortgage loan. Loans are very complicated and in recent years the federal government has adopted rules through legislation that have made them even more complex. It is imperative that buyers use great care when choosing a mortgage loan company and in particular a loan officer.

Although interest rate is very important, loans can be structured in a variety of ways. Sometimes the lowest absolute rate is not the best loan and a quality mortgage professional can explain these nuances in terms we can all understand. As a general aid I have included a couple of widgets on this page to help figure out a rough payment for a home. The rates shown are based on Zillows published information and the mortgage calculator below is a basic JavaScript calculator. Understand these are at best a solid estimete and precision figures should be acquired from your trusted mortgage loan professional.

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JavaScript. For estimating purposes only. Actual monthly payments should only be relied upon when provided by a qualified lender.  Enter interest rate, loan amount and term.
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Recommended Loan Officer
I would like to offer my sincere recommendation of loan officer, Mike Roy. He has been doing loans since the late 1990s. He is organized and an true professional in his field. Mike can handle just abut any type of loan and has a strong understanding of US Government backed loans such as USDA, FHA and of course VA. Whomever you trust to handle your mortgage needs, please be sure to use great care in selecting a loan officer. A good loan officer doesn;t make "pie in the sky" promises but rather gives solid advice on the loan process. Buyers do not want to spend $300-400 on a home inspection and another $600-$800 on an appraisal only to have the loan fall apart. The mortage is crucial.