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Real Estate Referrals

Under Washington State law one can only receive a referral fee if they are a duly licensed real estate broker. Many people are very interested in real estate and often make referrals to brokers that they know and trust. Perhaps the broker sends a gift card for their favorite restaurant or another token of their appreciation. But what if it were possible to get a large cash referral fee?

One of the pitfalls in becoming a real estate broker is the high cost of acquiring the education and licensing and the subsequent expenses of maintaining that license and membership in the local MLS. Here in Clark County, Washington that adds up to roughly $1200 a year!

There is however an opportunity to reduce that amount to around $200 a year. Equity Northwest Properties Group offers a program for licensed real estate agents to hang their license without an MLS affiliation. So the only expenses would be bi-annual renewal of the state license and the continuing education. This is roughly $400 every other year.

With an active Washington real estate broker's license you may receive cash fees for referring clients to another broker. It should be noted; referrals need not be just in Washington. As a licensed real estate broker you may legally collect any referral fee from any other agent in another state (presuming that state does not have a law on the book prohibiting the practice) Oregon and California do not.

Now you can collect a handsome referral fee that typically is negotiated to approximately 20% of the real estate commission paid to the referee. On a typical transaction that could be well north of a $1000.

If you are a person that knows a lot of people and tend to make referrals for professional services. This could be a golden opportunity for you to cash in on your skills without giving up your good paying job with the benefits.

There are many details involved in a real estate broker's license and this web page is just designed to give you an idea of what could be possible. If you are interested in hearing more detailed information on real estate broker licensing in Washington, please contact me.