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I am most pleased to be involved with local new home subdivisions including the spectacular Colorado Ridge Feel free to check out my other specialty real estate sites and I have most of my listings posted on facebook. Check the links listed below:

My listings will always have top notch professional photos. Good looking photos are more important than ever before. More and more buyers are using online resources to identify homes they like before they tell their agent about it. I also include video presentations on YouTube, and a blend of local and national advertising to gain the most exposure for your home.

Listing a home however, is more than marketing and exposing it it to the public. Listing a home is also very much about getting that home in front of one of our many local agents. The ideal buyer for the home may very well be riding in the car of another agent. It is imperative that every listing be exposed to the public market as well as the local Realtor® market. This requires more than just a listing in the local multiple listing service.

Getting the buyer to present a favorable offer is only the beginning for the seller. Negotiating the best possible terms and understanding the nuances of offers is a critical task for listing agents. The highest offer, may not be the "best" offer. If you are considering the sale of your home, be sure to contact me before you make your final decision to list.

Some homeowners want to sell their house on their own. This can be a very daunting task and is not for everyone. If you choose to sell your house yourself, I offer a few tips to help you succeed. I even have a few programs to aid in the process.

  • 1. Show your home often
  • 2. Be wary of those who might be "casing" your house for criminal purposes
  • 3. Advertise well: paper, online, signs
  • 4. Read offers thoroughly and seek legal counsel if you don't understand the terms before you sign
  • 5. Don't let anyone pressure you into an offer, take your time and think about it.
Rod's FiSBO Photography Package

I offer professional grade photography for homeowners wishing to sell their home themselves. Pricing depend largely of the size of the property and the extent of photos needed. Packages begin as low as $99 and should the homeowner later decide to list the property with me, the photography fee will be credited back to seller at close.

Rod's FiSBO Listing Package

I offer exclusive listings that allow you, the homeowner to sell your home on your own and pay NO FEE to me unless I procure the buyer. With this arrangement I will market your home and make every attempt to bring you an offer. I will also provide you with professional photos at no charge which you can use to sell your house on your own.

Realtor® Photography Services

I offer Real Estate professionals affordable packages to enhance listing's appeal on the multiple listing service and printed or digital media. Follow this link to learn more. RealtorPix.